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Teaching and Learning

In accordance with the educational policy of TED University, the Business Administration Department applies creative and interactive learning methods in business education. 

As opposed to a passive learning environment where students only listen and teachers lecture, interactive methods that facilitate active participation of students are adopted. For this reason, class sizes are much smaller than those that might be found at many other universities. This extra contact time allows faculty members to provide innovative instruction and thus makes the learning process easier and more rewarding for our students. Case studies, class presentations, guest speakers, field trips, company reports, simulations, and business competitions are all used to enrich the students' learning experience. 

Our program emphasizes business writing, presentation, critical thinking, and social skills, which are the most required qualifications of the global business environment of the 21st century. 

While building their core business knowledge, students majoring in the Business Administration Department have the opportunity of minoring in their field of choice within their four year undergraduate education without increasing their course load. Hence, students can graduate endowed with knowledge of another field besides their major. 

Our business faculty members, all of whom are accomplished academics, are available to our students as mentors at all times. In short, from entrance to graduation, students are closely guided and supervised by the faculty both in their studies and in forming their career paths.