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After completing their first year of common core, students begin the Business Administration program which will take 3 years.

The concentration areas are marketing, finance, global management and institutions, human resource management, accounting, entrepreneurship and operations management.

The Business Administration Department offers interdisciplinary graduate programs.

TED University has reached agreements with universities from 32 countries that are part of the Erasmus program.

Yes, internships are mandatory; summer internships give students a chance to practice real life applications of the business administration discipline.

Graduates are able to find jobs at domestic as well as multinational corporations, manufacturing or services firms, banks, consulting and auditing agencies, financial institutions, and in the public sector as managers, experts, and researchers, and at universities as academicians.

Each student is assigned to a faculty advisor to guide them in their career paths. Students are informed about potential career paths early on their education in the program and closely guided in making their decision of business concentrations offered in the program.