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TED University Business Administration Program graduates are expected to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of major concepts, theories and applications in the area of business administration.
  2. Manage the business decision-making process by using quantitative and qualitative tools and information technology.
  3. Evaluate how economic, legal, political, social, technical and competitive forces (local, regional, global) impact business practice.
  4. Use the English language proficiently in knowledge sharing and professional communication.
  5. Develop quality documents and make presentations that exhibit competence in content, organization and clarity.
  6. Articulate ways to turn situations and problems into business or personal opportunities.
  7. Formulate solutions to complex problems individually and in interdisciplinary teams, using creative thinking, team building and leadership skills.
  8. Identify ethical issues in business administration and implement social, scientific and professional codes of ethical conduct.
  9. Recognize and appreciate different cultures and respect individual and cultural differences.
  10. Engage in lifelong learning and enrich personal, social, professional development by exploring interests in diverse disciplines
  11. Practice good working habits, time management, and self-discipline.

Goals-Outcomes Connectivity Matrix
Courses-Outcomes Connectivity Matrix
Summary of Assessment Methods of Program Outcomes
Program Outcomes and European Qualifications Framework Matrix