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Career Opportunities

A Business Administration degree is in high demand both in new graduates and those who are already employed. Numerous employment opportunities exist in the public and private sectors, which makes a business degree an inspiring and highly rewarding choice. The graduates may choose academic or corporate career paths depending on their interests. 

During their time at TED University, our students are able to conduct research alongside the faculty members, who are internationally trained experts in their fields. This experience and their four-year long, analytical thinking-oriented training endow our students with highly effective academic skills. Hence, students may choose to pursue postgraduate or doctoral degrees in local or foreign institutions. 

In addition, our students are well-prepared for corporate life due to their practical business background and internships. Thus, upon graduation, students are able to find jobs at domestic as well as multinational corporations, manufacturing or services firms, banks, consulting and auditing agencies, financial institutions, and in the public sector as managers, experts, and researchers.