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Message From The Head of the Department

Welcome to the Department of Business Administration at TED University.

Businesses are enterprises that produce or provide goods and services. They have clearly defined objectives and in the pursuit of these objectives they aim to reach specific goals. The main objective might be to create value for their shareholders or to provide services to society. In both cases, effective and efficient use of resources, strategic management, and sustainability are important, and improving competitiveness is vital.

Today, due to the rigor of global competition, the pursuit of excellence in performing tasks prevails in businesses, and accordingly management, coordination, communication, creativity, use of technology, agility, and sustainability have become essential. Successful businesses benefit heavily from the latest technological developments, actively use decision support tools, adopt contemporary managerial practices, and emphasize continuous improvement.

In this direction, our aim in the Business Administration program of TEDU is to teach the basics of management sciences, to discuss current topics, and to present the latest business applications. Meanwhile, we stress the importance of developing communication and critical thinking skills, and keep abreast of recent technological developments.

Business administration is an academic discipline that encompasses a wide range of subjects: finance, production and operations management, marketing, organizational behavior, human resources, etc. You will discover these areas in the program that go beyond traditional business education and that could be shaped based on your own strengths and interests. We will always support you in your endeavors to follow new approaches in management of businesses. In addition to acquiring technical skills, you will graduate with a solid knowledge of social sciences.

Upon graduation, you will be able to find employment at domestic as well as multinational corporations, manufacturing or services firms, banks, consulting and auditing agencies, financial institutions, and in the public sector as experts, researchers, inspectors, and managers. Interactive discussions, case studies, presentations and summer internships you complete during your studies will prepare you for the business world and will position you ahead of the other candidates.

I invite you to visit our Department’s webpage and our campus to further discover our educational philosophy, learn more about our program, and meet our distinguished faculty.